Banking & Finance

Our team is well-versed in a wide range of banking and finance legal matters, covering local & international transactions, project finance, real-estate finance, credit contracts, financial leasing, guarantee contracts, abusive clauses, fiscal & taxation issues. Our services include:

  • Negotiating, amending, drafting and reviewing all types of banking contracts (deposit, credit, leasing, guarantee etc.);
  • Assisting our clients with the re-negotiation and removal of abusive clauses inserted in credit contracts;
  • Assisting our clients with regard to all types of taxation issues such as custom taxes, VAT registration, profit and dividend tax, global income tax;
  • Assisting foreign investors, investment funds, venture-capital companies, banks and non-banking financial institutions, as well as initiators of projects in commercial transactions involving financing of loans or participation to the social capital.

Representative cases:

  • Payment institution – General review of the documents handed over regarding the litigations and drawing up of suitable case strategy; legal representation;
  • Romanian Bank – debt to equity swap files (drafting contestations and legal formalities);
  • Major Bank – Drafting legal opinions regarding the issues on immovable assets targeted as securities for loan agreements;
  • Non-financial institution – Due diligence for business opportunity and legal options; Incorporation and formalities with relevant institutions (NBR, data protection authority etc.); drafting internal rules and procedures; assistance regarding terms and conditions and legal formalities for the website;
  • Biggest non-financial institution in Romania – drafting and revising agreements (lease agreements, services agreements, internal rules and loan papers etc.), credit compliance, day-to-day legal assistance in connection with payment institutions, review of different types of non-banking related contracts, review of corporate documents, E-signature opinion and implementation;
  • Private Banking division of a Bank – training sessions on MiFID II and MiFIR regulations.