International law firm – Passion for excellence

Cristofor, Vladu & Associates is a reputed Romanian law firm with a great business vision specializing in advisory services, assistance and representation of national and international companies.

We have the experience, the knowledge and the people to solve our clients’ most significant legal and business challenges, as well as to boost their international expansion. Therefore, our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most challenging business law issues and most critical disputes.

Our team is composed of highly devoted lawyers with national and multi-jurisdictional experience.  Moreover, our advanced economic and business studies locally and internationally boost our understanding of our client’s ventures inside out.

Also, Cristofor, Vladu & Asociatii concluded strong and reliable partnerships with high-class local lawyers in Romania and abroad, being able to provide legal assistance and representation both throughout Romania’s territory as well as in Holland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States of America, Brazil and the Middle East.